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FAQs About Dubai Visa & Other Topics.

Yes, you have to print out your e visa and carry it with your travel documents and other passports.


You are allowed to enter Dubai once with a single entry Dubai online visa while you can enter multiple times in Dubai with a multiple entry visa within the validity of the visa.


Yes, French citizens are required to obtain an E-visa for short visits to the UAE. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a variety of visa options for French citizens, catering to different travel durations and purposes. Here are the types of UAE visas designed explicitly for French nationals:

The UAE is a popular destination known for its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and luxurious experiences. Understanding the visa application process is crucial for French nationals planning to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Here's a step-by-step guide for French citizens on how to apply for a UAE visa.

  • Before applying, identify the type of visa required for your visit. The UAE offers various visas, including tourist, business, and transit visas. Each visa type has specific requirements, so ensure you select the one that aligns with your purpose of visit.

Generally, the UAE e-visa is specific to entry into the UAE only. If you plan side trips to neighboring countries, it's essential to verify their visa policies regarding UAE e-visa holders. Some countries might allow entry, while others may require separate visas, so researching this beforehand is crucial.


While in the UAE, converting your existing e-visa to a different visa type is possible in certain cases. However, this process involves specific procedures and eligibility criteria set by the authorities. Researching and consulting relevant officials is crucial to determine if your visa type permits conversion and what steps are required.


Unfortunately, once your application has been submitted, it's akin to dropping a letter in the mail – modifications become challenging, and we're unable to make changes on your behalf due to the system's constraints. However, it's crucial to ensure accuracy before finalizing your submission. Should errors or inaccuracies arise in your visa application

If your UAE e-visa is denied, it is not possible to appeal the decision. As of the last update, there wasn't a formal appeals process for UAE E-visa rejections, but you can reapply in the future.  

If your application for a UAE e-visa is denied, you will usually be notified of the reasons why. In some circumstances, though, if you think the denial was due to inaccurate information or if there was an actual error in the assessment, you may want to get in touch with the UAE embassy or consulate to get clarification or to clear up any confusion.

Minors are eligible to apply for a UAE e-visa if they go with their parents, but the application process might require additional documentation and the involvement of a guardian or parent. When applying for a UAE e-visa as a minor, it's crucial to adhere to specific guidelines. However, the visa process and requirements for minors is the same with adults.

In general, travelers can not get a refund after your Dubai visa is rejected. If you are applying and want to cancel your application, please contact us right away to get the service refund. There are 2 types of fees that you must pay, one is government fee and one is service fees. For more specific, travelers can check the UAE e visa fees before applying for 

Foreigners who want to travel to the UAE have to possess a passport to their country and a valid UAE visa. From now on, by applying for an e-visa online, you can get your UAE e-visa quickly and simply without having to send your passport to the UAE Embassy.

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